Decided I don’t believe in titles anymore.  The first sentence or couple sentences or whole first and part of second or third is what’s shown first….  Can’t believe I stressed titling so much as an adjunct.  What a fucking phony.

Write reactively.  When something occurs.  Nothing occurs today… NOTHING.  1:17 and not one tasting.  Another loud motorcycle.  Goddamnit.

Hungry… but don’t want to spend money.  Been spending too much the last few days. Yesterday no exception.  Day before that, and before, and I think another before as well.

Little over $80 in wallet.  Maybe a sandwich from that place down the road, or the taco truck Justin took me to that one day.  That sounds amazing.


9:36, home with a glass of some red blend my sister made.  Starting a new idea, written.  Yes, another.  A story… new one, new type.  Me writing… creating characters and tension, voices that are real but not.

Winery owner, old winery… just inherited, not wanting to do anything with it but having to.  Where do I want it to end, though?  Could go the suspense route, or cheesy coming-of-age way.  Not sure yet…. Get more into human mind.  What would you do if… kind of thing.