Now what.  Tired of working on budget, it only depresses me.  Then angers me.  So no more of that.

Still again, no movement.  Need more coffee.  Yes, just one more cup.  Not motivated to prospect, probably because I’m not hearing back from anyone.  Understandable, right?  But more so at least to me, hilarious.

Sales, sales… sell, SELL.

Quota, prospect, email, followup, provisioning… blah blah……..  Not hearing anything.  Another AE telling me I’m not alone.  Sure as shit feels like I am.  UGH….  Taking another break.  Tired of coffee.  No sparkling waters left.  I’m on a budget, so still water and ice… that should do.  OR, orange juice.  Do we have any?  No.  So, water-rocks.

Trying not to think about month’s end approaching.  Can’t goose, but if I do, then… well… laugh.