2: Progress, forward, with the latte.

Starting day at Farmer’s. Messaged real estate agent when I said I wouldn’t. Realize we’re probably done with the Cotati property, but oh well. Focus on this… the IdeaA book. An actual book of business. Get all this other nonsense behind me, to the side and over a cliff.

Getting sick of househunting. No more address of it. Just business, THIS… the AE story.

Consolidate, simplify, singularize… one book, or string of them. Like houses, one after the other.

Letters… writing more letters. Collecting them. 2022’s quota will be extinguished by WORDS. Letters.. communication. Want to sooner rather than later watch my vines grow, pour my wines wherever I can. I will, I know. But for now… THIS. One letter, then another.

Can’t stand the music here– Interrupted by a thought, something the director said to me when I started my AE story – “Silence is the kiss of death.” Something like that.

Make more noise, write more… communicate more. IDEA again… A, B, C…

Ran into old friend just now, a realtor. He says it’s been the best year of his career. As was mine last year being an AE, but something feels off at this year’s start. WHAT.

Beeping behind the counter annoying me, like one of the microwaves or something.

Restarting computer. Metaphor of sorts. Onto the next, with houses.

Won’t lie, I’m frustrated and irritated. On a number of levels. But you know what, I’m choosing to laugh at it, and everyone.