3: 10:43 and the nerves are still there.

First contract of 2022 in, so there’s that. But barely a ripple in the massive pond that is the 2022 Quota. Long war ahead of me. New leads generated on own. Spending Wednesday in Berkeley, maybe. OR, just prospect from laptop.

Notes in sales journal… AE Notebook 1, then somewhere else. Second cup of coffee made. Idea for prospecting but holding off.

Taking prospecting in another direction, AGAIN. What else can I do… simplify, but not so much singularizing. Taking a break… needed. The anxiety isn’t anxiety. It’s ME. I’m overthinking, thinking excessively about, well, all of this.

Taking my thoughts somewhere else… where. End of week, taking off Friday possibly. Why not. Drive to Marin, have lunch, do some writing, or go for a long run. Today, at FIVE, launching from driveway. One hour. No fail, none whatsoever.

Pushing one reality from head. In fact violently shoving. This is all about attitude, and knowing that nothing lasts forever. These stressful enclosures, certain residencies, relationships, NOTHING. It will be behind you eventually.