8:45 and up with coffee, thoughts, sending emails to people at work and someone else.

Too cold outside to run right now.  Well, it isn’t, that’s just the excuse I’m offering and the warrant to enjoy coffee and write inside.  Dinner last night at Pine Tavern, amazing.  And the wine I bought to have with dinner, even more singing.  Going back into town today to have lunch at a micro-brewery and do some stuff in town, then back here for dinner.  People texting and emailing me from home, saying how much it rained, and that school is closed….  Wish I could have witnessed it but quite at peace with being here.  More than at peace.  This was needed.  Beyond needed.

What is the temp outside….. 36.  Yeah not in the mood to run in that.  I really should, but I should also “really should” stay here and write and enjoy my coffee.  Should email a couple students later too, actually all of them.  Assign the next essay, map out the rest of the semester and have it DONE by 12/15/21.  Just want the semester to be over and focus on BDX, the writing, wine projects, and that’s it.  Tired of being in 3 places.  Don’t misunderstand, I love several projects but being an adjunct is not worth the time nor money.  Feel bad saying that, as the students need instruction but what I’m doing now online isn’t …. It just isn’t what it should be, so I’m done.  Sorry not at all in any way sorry.

Quiet…. Maybe a walk instead like the first morning, run later.  That could work.  Just don’t feel like running right now, at all.  To be honest, I’m thinking about last night’s wines and my friend who was let go from her winery.  The wine industry and all its garbage and toxic talk and ways…  How some owners, and managers, and others, just have no clue on how to interact with each other – customers or co-workers, staff if they’re in management, nothing – EVER.

Saving that for OFFBLOG…  Maybe drive to SBUX in Village, get a latte.  That actually sounds amazing.  Maybe write there for a bit?  Want to stay in Sunriver.  Of course I can’t, I know, it’s just what I’m feeling now.  Next trip up here I’m planning for March or April.  Paris on 2/1/22, already have a couple hundred bucks saved for the plane ride, but then lodging… I’ll see.  Just want to be back at Coupole, writing, watching, being my own Madi-Hemingway. 

Madi-Hemingway, I smile and love that.  So there you go.  I’ve decided.  Back in Paris as that.

Launching at 11 to run.  Need to do that route Mom, Dad, and I walked yesterday, the loop around that North Course hole, the Par 5 I think it is.  I remember walking it and could only think about running it.  Weird, I know.  Escaping into my own thoughts and head, new promises to self said.

Wine thoughts again….  Joining a wine club when I get back, maybe.  No…. never mind.  Sill thought.  Wine does that to me, often.  Thought yesterday while at the brewery of having my eventual label though small more brewery like. Weird bottle shapes, growlers maybe or whatever they’re called… shirts and coffee cups, I don’t know.

Messaging back and forth with students, has me second-guessing my decision to not teach, but I know I can’t next term.  Even if there were sections available which there weren’t, shocker, I would have had to say no.  The plan for 2022 is to merge Sonic and BDX, then eventually be completely BDX.  Rock solid deadline may be my birthday, 5/29, but haven’t decided.  May set a 1st half of the year goal like I did this year for my quota, which I MET!  Aim was to be at 50-60% by EOD, 6/30/21.  I did it, and then went into a crippling slump.

Wine thinking, AGAIN… scoring last night’s bottle ‘!!!!’.  Easy composition and inviting reality of perfectly penned cherry and mint, wooing vanilla taps and talk…. I’ll elaborate later, on the #vinovinevin blog, if I remember.  Wine.. what do I do with it, her.  I don’t want to just review wines, that’s moronic, to me.  The bottle last night had this motion that was unusual, and welcomed.  I’ve said before that wine and I have been in a weird place….. whatever.  Just morning rambling, from wine to running to students to emailing people at work.  But that’s life as I see it, and wine… a ramble and maneuvering within a random manuscript.