11am, quick morning.

Going into Bend today for a brewery tour and dinner.  A run may not happen today, I’m realizing.  Not forcing anything.  Letting go of self-pressure and excess thought.

To Village in a minute to get something, small gift for a friend.  Cash as well.  Then maybe just relax, though it’s hard for me to do.  I’m thinking unnecessarily and excessively about a number of things.  STOP, I tell myself.  Such a predictable and expected writer thing to do.

Leaving for Village….

11:48 and back and taking notes on the wine idea, wine blog, wine articles, wines I tasted last night… what next in that story.  In a word, EVERYTHING.. two old pictures grabbing my attention and holding it, not letting go.  I don’t want it back.  Every wine scene and conversation, tasting room day and shift coming back and talking to me.

A consumer, more than a professional, me.  Chris texting me earlier, telling me how certain wineries scored.  Should I be scoring? Last adventure I used the exclamation point system.  Well, I don’t know if it’s a system so much as plainly what I do.  Last night’s Syrah scored ‘!!!’ from me.  Not a lot of force or confidence in the wine’s composition but there was still that gentle charm and interaction.  A playful composition suggesting I just enjoy and not too think too thoroughly about what’s happening.  Paired with pizza and salad.  Simplicity, but not simple at all.  Several layers and frames of ease and happiness, human qualities and others supernatural.

Almost forgot about the Malbec from Mendoza.  A Kirkland wine, but who cares.  Delicious and comforting, communicating kindly, making the night itself something to put to page.  Don’t think too much about it, I noted… just sip.  Chocolate and dark fruit, light oak pulse and a sensible walk in each palate curve.