Kids gone, and as expected I miss them and feel bad for wishing the day would at some points pass faster and just be done.

Rain starting, soaking gently.  Watching the news, about to have a beer, go through wines and see if anything else strikes me for meeting tonight.

Seeing Mike Madigan’s character, the father side, more.  How he does what he does, points for improvement which some people would argue are many when they should engage in self-discussion.  I don’t know, it’s still hard to believe… 3 kids, ME.  Here I am, Sunday, October nearly over.  Looking at the faces the kids drew on 3 pumpkins Mom bought them. Jack drawing one for Henry.  I remember that, Halloween, when younger.  Looking forward to canvassing the San Carlos Hills streets, only wanting to pretend I was something, tossed candy into pillow case depth.

5:18, looking at the pumpkins, thinking about the week, looking behind me rain on pause, if you could’ve called that rain.  You could see the sheets moving left to right.  Called Jack over to see and he was glued to the window.

I miss them.  Too quiet in here. They were just here,