Reasonable Chaos

Began the day stressing with time, driving up to Skyhawk for meeting over zoom with leads group only to remember the wifi is having a day, and has been.  So then driving all the way here to Sonic and in the usual side room, or office, Gotham its name.  Just emailed ICB team for approval on quote for yesterday’s 4pm call prospect.

Was in leads meeting for a good 25-30 minutes.  Giving me ideas concerning money management, as the lady who works for Edward Jones was presenting.  Telling some things I didn’t know, and some I already did from all the money advice and wisdom Dad has shared with my since young.

8:42 now, nearly done with coffee I quickly grabbed at Oliver’s.  Just moved a little money around.  What next… still early.  That’s just the point, start early, move quicker.  Looking at my keys resting on the exposed journal page.  Need to replace that goddamn thing… putrid Prius.  Soon hopefully, but who knows with everything happening.  That’s an attitude, that perspective.  Apologies.  Just go get it, and not just a car but everything.  Happiness, my next house, the office, MY internet company.  Sitting here and looking at this monitor and tower I’m filled with inner-insistence to connect, to build – new architecture and music.