Bijou Leave

At Stony Point Starbucks.  Haven’t written or worked here since last year, pre-covid.  Big day ahead of me…. Mammoth, actually.  Forgot my headphones in car, but the music they’re playing in this shop isn’t that bad.  Everything But The Girl, “I Want Your Love”, a remix I believe.  So much more music ahead of me, approach… GEOMETRY, the shape changing.  Lovingly, not with any barbs and fangs.

Where I am and what I’m doing… studying Mike Madigan, and who he is… the teaching, the writing, blogging, business… EVERYTHING.  Now’s the point in the story where consolidation initiates.  Thinking of Fall, what I’m teaching.. finishing a book before then (Yeah, right… the oldest of my self-promises and promissory notes…), all online, AGAIN.

Start creating the course now…. Composition of Now, magic of the meta.  8 short reactions, 4 essays, and presence & productivity.  I need to improve in my assessment techniques and practices….  Going to make that its own project.  Books will be Irby, Sedaris, and Lawson.  This MUST be the last semester.  I need to be on the Road, traveling and writing, running all over the continents, all of them.

Where am I running today?  Not the treadmill.