Call was nearly 30 minutes.  Great call.  Again that aspect of Engineering something.  The journalist-like communication.

Turning off AE laptop, going upstairs for shave, new clothes, then depart for office.


Now at office.  Sent revised contract.  Sipping coffee.  Forgot my running everything – shoes, shirt, shorts.  Shit.  No run today.  I swear that wasn’t intentional, the alliteration nor leaving all my stuff at home.

Thinking about lunch….  Then budgeting.  Looking at office spaces, for fun.  Just imagining Bottledaux in its own home.  Notebooks on right, logging all observations.  Finally having shaved, stamped a bill I need to mail at home but the mail here at the office already went out so I need to find a mailbox somewhere.  Sure there’s one on this street or one of the streets nearby.  It’s a corporate area, so… yeah there has to be one.

Two poems written for day.  Then I feel hunger again… ignore it.  Do something, like prospecting.  Saw one of the Sales Engineers in here and he told me he’s catching up on things, emails and notes, site review notes and the like.  Told him I’m doing more or less the same.  Hoping for a contract request from the prospect this morning that my Engineer and I spoke with.  That should put me at 100% for month, or pretty close.