Chord Take

Parked on 2nd street, start walking and see a truck approaching, slow, either parking or the driver’s going to say something to me, or ask for directions.  My first thought is that he’s some crazy rightwing Trump-blowing republican that;’s going to say something about my mask, like “Take it off, you coward.” In my head, my thoughts were “Oh please say that, please… give me reason to take you out of your truck and throw you a beating.” Sorry, the mood I’m in… But, it was my buddy from Kamen, Justin.  We walked together and talked about how our weeks had been, what we’d been up to.  He tells me about this big sale he had yesterday at their mountain property, something like 3 or 4 cases for over $4,000.  Of course I start thinking about my winery or wine shop, AND wine shop…. We walk closer to our respective tasting rooms and I tell him I’m going to go check out the book store across the street, and say “How did I not know there’s a book store right across the street from us?” He tells me it’s the best or one of the best in Sonoma County.

“Think I’m going to go stand in line for 25 minutes for a cup of coffee after dropping my bag off in the tasting room.” I say.

“Where?  At the Basque Café?  Dude, fuck that place.”

I let him rant for a bit, then tell him that yes the line is annoying and the service if horrible, but I don’t mind the food.  I thought that slice of quiche I had last weekend or the before was okay….

“No, fuck that place.  It’s a shithole.”

I find his indignation and direct shot at the café humorous, for some reason.  I mean he really got into it.  After we go ways, I check out the book store.  Buy nothing, and left after being annoyed at this lady who just kept talking and talking to the manager or owner as he tried to work and put away books.  She tells him that she’s not much of a dog lover, then how she met Lawrence Ferlinghetti .  I listen a little, but want to get back, put out the endless amount of chairs and tables, then those goddamn umbrellas.

Need to taste through the wines, but not ready.  Maybe I should make myself.  Be in the wine mood and mode, voice.  Have music started.  Emancipator.. easing.  I think more about wine, and the vineyards I drove by this morning.  Always look forward to the drive more than being here, think I noted that before.  I literally look forward to it, the entire week.  Now here seeing myself in a vineyard and just walking looking at the vines and roots and rocks near base and wondering what will happen.  Growth, story, pages, stories of the empty glass being filled and the new characters than find you because of wine.

Looking at Chardonnay, and she back at me.  Telling me to start writing.  Finish the goddamn book.