8:58 Saturday morning.

First thing I want, the page.  Building the blogging business and then turning that into something of a Sonic, somehow.  What the individual wants, what they see for themselves, their story… how they want reader to observe and estimate them.  Where my thinking is this morning.

42 now.  Fuck.  Still do a double-take at that number.  With remaining time I have on planet, what do I need in the story.  How do I want to be read going after it.

Goal today is get on page 2 with the Mona novel.  Write in this document then transfer over.  How old is Mona….. thinking just over a year after getting her BFA, so 22, 23, somewhere there.

Thinking of buying a new book at some point today.  What though… something nonfiction, funny-ish.  Something to read, take my mind away from whatever, and be more practiced as a reader.

Everyone’s up now.  Sip espresso, will need it.  9:09, hungry but don’t want to break fast.

Emma come downstairs somewhat skipping then saying hi to me, then “I like being 5 1/2…” I ask her why.  “Because.” She concludes.

How I get to the office… analyzing steps.  Hot out, already.  Not sure what day’s blueprint sees, but I know what I see… more stories.  More wine-meant pages and characters…. One memory from Arista surfacing, where this guy also named Mike and I were working on the Arista lawn in the back during an event.  Can’t remember if it was a wine club thing or not, but this one group and their gentle human connection to the wines had me writing when I got back home.  No idea where those notes are now.. but it was all over those Pinots, our talk.

Day opening….