Started writing a may-numbered month but here we are in June.

No Starbucks this morning.  Running from Sonic office possibly, in new running shoes.  New sight and massive pragmatism about me this morning.  Everything positive.  EVERYTHING.  And I AM About EVERYTHING.

Messaging Ditter about wifi composition for Berkeley prospect…. Need to shave.  Brain going in a million directions, some different you could say and some same.  Speaking of my brain, why does it do certain things and so seamlessly sink into certain sentiments.  Not sure I’ll ever know.  Where I am now in the story, fucking 42, like Mom said the other day now is when I should REALLY be enjoying life… doing what I want.  No compromise, no settling.  Only accepting what’s initially sought.

Taking a couple days off this week, for the first time, well, ever.  Like this anyway.  Pismo Beach… have to say I’m quite excited.  For the beach, for a run on the beach or near it on some levy… the kids and watching them play in water and sand.  Need this.  ME, doing it for me.  Yes family of course, but at this age need more honing of soul, my Personhood and narrative.