9:30, on couch, no TV, a little wine.

Ideas still circling my thinking and me like a control tower.  Yes, like in Top Gun… Heard that song today, ‘Danger Zone’.  Remember when my parents went to the theatre to see that movie and Katie and I stayed with Ed & Audrey, or their kids, in Santa Cruz.  I keep talking about time but I need to write more, capture more of it… like now with no TV, no fucking Netflix, big kids upstairs asleep and Melissa trying to put down little Henry.  Hoping a contract lands tomorrow, data only, the biggest I’ve ever written.  Bought that beer for Anthony and I earlier, so if it does land and I don’t care if it’s just after nine or even eight I’m celebrating.  But, pause… peace.  What about my business, my “startup”.  Not liking the words, business nor startup.  So how about no words, same vein and intention of writing less and living more.  Why does there always have to be a word, a category?  The couch gives me images of my office, of the … whatever it is.  But what is it.  IT, like Dean said in Road.  Learning the complete contour.