9:37 and the day is well off the ground and in its flight.

Didn’t sleep so well last night and was entertaining taking a nap almost as soon as I got home from driving Jack and little Emmie to school.  No, I decided… go to desk, trick yourself, just do one thing and see if that starts a string of production.

No run planned today, right leg still hurting a bit.  And, it’s set to be in the low 90s so no thanks.

In cargo shorts and t-shirt, Sonic hat twisted back and I’m too comfortable to hit Field today.  House quiet, no humans, staying here.  This is too much needed after the busy day Saturday and yesterday especially the morning when we tried like a shoving blaze to get kids out the door and into car.  Mornings are more challenging I’ve noticed, but I’ve also noticed I translate them more effectively.  Through humor and comedy.  Why am I just learning this now, the value of just laughing at shit… like my son talking back to Melissa and I, Emma doing her summersaults on the couch off the pillow stack she makes for herself in the corner where the couch forms that L angle… just laugh, even when Henry’s hungry or tired or both and just inconsolable.

Not meeting students on blog tonight.  Semester is essentially over and I’m over the semester.  So byeeeeeeeeeeee…..  Will write them a letter in just a sec.

Latte almost gone.  Took one more sip, surprised there was that much left.  Morning starting, just remembered have a call at 10.  Guy who works at home and only needs 3 phone lines and some internet connectivity but not a lot of b/w (bandwidth).  Don’t think it’ll go anywhere, but I’ll do the call anyway.