Morning.  Latte.  Payday to some, but investment day for me.  Need to go by Schwab at some point….  Budget, log expenses…. Write in morning.  Calls later to be made.  Have to check in with SE about something, send reports to director that are days late…. Need to start working Sunday mornings, early.  An old friend the other day said to me, having a daughter of her own, “I see why people wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, so you can have some actual time to yourself…”

Was going to do something and completely forgot what it was.  Jenny Lawson says she has moments like this, so maybe I’m fine… what was it?  Shit…..  Anyway.  Coffee… did it have to do with coffee?  Our crazy neighbors?  The Prius?

8:46, just got the calendar reminder for calls, the weekly Friday Blitz.  In no semblance of mood for such.  Switch music, switch temperament.  Already tired of being in house.  Thinking of going to Sonic office, be in the atmosphere, the character of characters for this AE story.

This is just the new morning-me. I guess, especially since last year.  But I don’t accept it.

HAPPINESS, in this seat, no matter what happens.

Still very much sore from the run yesterday.  Want to get out for one today, for an hour, slow, but not sure that’ll take place.  What would I want, what would make me happy?  To have everything done… So get to it, I tell myself.