In Marin today.  Have to be at another AE’s house at 9:30, Rohnert Park.  Thoughts of the beach home absolutely rule my thinking this morning.  Finishing books at a time, running in the morning – no music yet this morning.  My notes to the students in class last night just rereading, and I’m actually thinking of teaching Fall.  Using it somehow to get to the office.  The 365 project will be done before the Fall term ends.  Move quicker.  Hoping for two 1A sections… COMPOSITION, my other side says.  The Mike Madigan that reminds this one that Harvard and Stanford are attainable.  You WILL be there…

7:41am.  Why does it feel later?

Coltrane on. Ascension, Edition II/Part 2 it says.  Not sure I’ve heard this track, but this is what I need … PLAY.  No organization.  My Composition is jazz, jazz-like.  What some would just write off as higgedly-piggedly is a truthful walk and storm of notes.  Going to have fun in the field today… just walk around, say hi, explore BMK more and see if there’s something I haven’t before seen.  Sure there is.

7:48, coffee working.  Need a new machine.  I’ll look later at some.  Need another Keurig – Boring topic so onward.  The office, the beach.  Had another idea of Bodega Bay, working from out there somewhere but I’m not sure there’s anywhere I could, not sure how much is open out there.  Getting to the beach cottage, my little composition corner.  When there, know two books I want to write, or maybe more than that. Right now I’m here, and happy to be.  Desk, coffee, jazz, the entire day out there … like Sal in Road.  Remembering his old friend, how they were introduced, the people around them, the driving that followed and the characters that came and went and again showed.

Find a Marcus Aurelius quote I scribbled last year when the pandemic took off, addressing power over your mind and not outside events, and that’s how you find strength.  And I would additionally deduce happiness, right?  Right now, I’m not thinking about selling, about marketing, about quota, nothing but this right here… one day speaking in classrooms elsewhere, whenever that’s allowed.  Power and control, a writer’s power and ability within and over their own thinking.

8:01, wondering what time I call in.  Think 11?  Not now, different thoughts needed.  In fast, lots of time left till I’m permitted to break it.  Latte not counting.   This song, Where or When, Sonny Rollins (oh I changed the station, sorry…) telling me to relax, enjoy the morning and day ahead.  I am, just MORE.  My composition changes, in a matter or 15 seconds maybe less… Where my thoughts are, how the characters develop – John the winemaker…. Having a small label for over three years, on his own, and not sure how to intensify his brand awareness, and he doesn’t want to just “raise brand awareness”, he hates language like that, that sales and marketing tongue – He wants to change the beat of his winemaking, his story, in one or many ways.