Not letting anything ruin this new experience, the wine judging.

And by that, I mean ME. My reaction to some people and their insistence on a certain mood and set of words, tone….  dismissing.

Judging the wines isn’t the reason I’m going at all.  It’s for a writing body, a story.  In fact, I’m more studying the people that will be there… my friend Chris, my sister Katie (think she’ll be there), and other wine people.  Struggling this morning with a bit of low self-estimation… should I not be taking off the day to do this?  I have more than enough vacay saved, and the director said it’s fine.  So why in this anesthetized side?  When do I ever do something for myself?  You know what….  Telling self to shut the fuck up.  Like, right now.

In a minute, upstairs to shower and shave and put on newly-pressed clothes that I picked up yesterday, and going to enjoy my drive to the Sonoma Square.

Approaching 199 words, new law.  Need more time in this self-talk.  Take all the time you need, just don’t write, I say to self.

Oh yeah… don’t HAVE to write, everything.