Getting ready to leave for S. SF. Checking email, outfit ready, need more caffeine…

was up with Henry right at 5.  Restart AE laptop.  Already starting to stress about the reports I still have to send.  Be better about doing shit ahead of time, I remind myself.  8:01 now, hope to be on road just a touch after 8:30.

Second Covid shot today.  Drink water I’m told, before shot. Hope that helps.  Don’t want to be out of commission too long.  Melissa was out for a better 9 or so hours, with chills and exhaustion, a little headache I think she said.

Looking forward to a relaxing drive, but not.  Don’t want to be too pinched on time.  Shot is at 1:25, site visit is 11am.  If it doesn’t last too long I’ll make it back up here no problem.

Not sure how I’m going to engineer the wine competition…. Have a couple ideas, not stressing about that either.  You know what, I’m not stressing about any-fucking-thing.  Not today, or anymore.  Fishing the last of this 2x shot espresso, then leaving early to get a latte, then the drive.  Today is mine and all that are after it.  Stress and anxiety want a fight with me this morning. Not fighting, just not allowing entry.