Deciding to cancel class for tomorrow.

Already sent email to students.  House quiet, finally.. earlier Melissa in her spin class and Henry crying, Jack and Emma outside with the nut job neighbor kids, and after my drive down to S. SF then back up for a needle in the arm… I just didn’t need it.  Couldn’t.  Take it.  I did, but I didn’t want to.  Missing Jack’s game right now.  Do I feel bad?  Yes.. but this feels amazing… the quiet, zen, these walls not saying anything to me, not in the car anymore.  Will be though, tomorrow, for a trip to Berkeley.  If I feel well and no side effects or symptoms tie themselves around me, I may stay in Berkeley for a bit and work.  And write.  Well, more writing that work, I can just see.

No anxiety about me now, this evening, in this chair, looking out at the street and in love with how quiet it is.

Started book, gathering it.  Old entries and responses… not sure where it’s going but it’s a book-ish book-y collection.  It will be, I guess.

Did some writing today in South City, at a Starbucks, outside, since