Shower, actually dressed, flight plan sent, third cup made here at home. And I’m off….

Sent message to AE chat.  Call scheduled for later.  Now just enjoying quiet of house.  Melissa gets her second Moderna today, see how it affects.  I have mine next week and I’m not so much nervous or anxious just eager to have it behind me and be “fully vaccinated”.

Had dinner last night on the back patio.  Need a bigger house, an actual property I remember thinking watching Emma barely able to ride her little Big Wheel bike around the table.  Then, the proximity of the neighbors.  My vision is to have this be a rental property, eventually have something in Marin, an actual piece of land, or maybe a lot along Dry Creek Road… like Debra with Dutcher Crossing.

Tomorrow an next day of no winery life.  Sunday of course Easter, good to have time to collect.  Just messaged one winery owner that I’m taking the morrow to self.  Haven’t heard from him all week and no idea if I’m needed, so I’m making the decision to take the day.  Not mad of course, but this is what I’m talking about with these wine industry people.  Most do not communicate consistently, and even fewer remember their own schedules and commitments.  I’m certainly not a model for organization or even reliability, bu I know what I see in the wine industry especially with owners and management, and winemakers.  Not all, just enough to get me writing.

First call in queue.  Not sure if I’m running today.  Probably will, but not feeling it just yet.  Need to keep getting out there, I know.  Yet to touch five miles.  64 degrees at noon.  61 at 11.  Thinking 11 I’ll launch.  Make up route as I go.

Messaging back and forth with another AE, after I posted a Happy Friday meme with the lead singer of Dee Lite and “HAPPY FRIDAY!!!” In pink-ish blue letters, or blue letters with pink outlining moving in wave motion over her.  AE says he can hear that GIF, I respond “Groove is in the heart…” He answers, “And Bootsy is on the bass.” First time I heard that song, sixth grade.  Oh my Jesus I’m old.  Write through it.. defy time and aging with words, with dismissal, don’t give so many fucks as this AE, a Senior AE, told me when I first started in the Enterprise Division and he and I met in SF for lunch then a little door-knocking afterward.  Yes, give less fucks.  Don’t acknowledge the fucks.  Just move, speak…. Create and love.  And GROOVE.

8:36am, already tired of being in chair.  Get up and walk around.  Will in a bit.  Want to count the money in the, what I used to call, “winery pickle jar”.  How much is in there?  Who knows.  Not thinking about it.  Then what am I thinking about…?  The kids.  What they’re doing, what they’re learning in school, what they teach themselves.