House about to have other Madigans in it.  Write when they’re all asleep.  That’s something I need to be better about doing.  Could get some writing done at the baseball field, watching Jackie play and waiting for him.  Why not.  Get the notebook ready, phone too.  Ready to work offsite.  Get out of the house.

Can’t think of what else to note here.  Step away from the keyboard I can hear my mother and another side of self say.  This is happening to me more and more, as I get older and so much in the past couple weeks.  So I could get meta about it and write about how I can’t write, or build a new business….  Something completely new and a bit unheard of for me.  Something to do with this, blogging, writing, publishing… said all this before so why am I saying it now. Good question.

Kids outside playing, the neighbors’.  Quiet disrupted.  You little fuckers, QUIET.  They’re being kids, they don’t know the frustration of an aging writing, one who has this level of distraction susceptibility.  Feeling like sushi tonight, something light.  Melissa talked about making the Hello Fresh bowls, but just don’t want to…