Alexander Valley. Where I want my vineyard. Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet—

Interrupted by scuffle between Emma and Jack, then Henry calling ….  This is wine, the home, the people, the families and the quirky corners and collisions.

LoFi beats and mind, wine style… what I want.  Every bottle to speak in music, not “tasting notes”, some over repeated batch of descriptors.  ‘stemz’, the first of a blizzard of wine books from me, I think might be done.  And all during this covid snap.

Syrah…. Have to find a Syrah today, somewhere.  We’ll be in Sonoma Valley for lunch, maybe stop at Kunde, or buy a bottle at the restaurant like I did for Melissa that one time at Pullman Kitchen, which I just learned going to google to verify spelling is now closed.  Got her a Rosé bottle as a gift, will do the same for self today more than likely.

With wine, it has to be all or nothing.  Again, not going to just leave Sonic.  I just have a re-written beat and song expanse playing in my dreams, while wake or sleep.

Hard to concentrate with the swirling fray around me – kid storm… stay in wine’s finds.