Trying to wake. One shot of espresso to start. This won’t do it, and there’s no coffee in house.

That Grenache I had last night, bought from Oakville Grocery, one of the more interesting characters I’ve met in a while.  And a Grenache, to my education and shock.  What made me pick that bottle from their remodeled rack?  Had a glass of wine while there, a SB for like $8.  When the lady brought it out I noticed it looked a little small to be a glass so I went inside and asked if I could have a little more – lady told me that they just push a button and out comes 5 ounces. Guess that makes sense, I thought.  But also makes no sense.  I didn’t complain.  Lunch with family on a day finally with some sun, a little brisk but there was SUN, so me more than content.

Just made a double.  Think I did it right, just press the button in the middle, with the bigger cup right?  Anyway, more espresso and enjoying the quiet of the downstairs.  Emma and Jack ARE awake but either playing a game or watching a cartoon.  Not concerned.  It’s Sunday (Funday, which I’m always reminded by the kids and wife), so I’m relaxed.  Not even thinking much about the week ahead.  Sometimes I do, here and there about calling and prospecting, but not now.  Not with this new double-shot and this keyboard, me on couch thinking about everything – life and life’s work…. Melissa and I last night talking about her uncle that passed and how close he and I were.  How people are here then not.  Life…. NOW.  Not sure what to carry from there, but our conversation still sounds and steps in my thinking’s edifice.

Quiet sliced by kids stepping loudly above me.  The hell are they doing up there?  Being kids, an 8— I mean 9 year-old and a scrappy little 5 girl.  How did they get so big, so mature-is, so fun?  So brilliant….  Jack’s intelligence is startling and more so by the day.  Emma as well, but little Kerouac as I call him is nearly unbelievable in how he uses his mind, and the questions he asks.  Always wanting more, knowledge and information, facts and history about everything around him.  Reading those plaques on the Windsor Town Green…