I don’t get reality TV, especially the shit on networks like Bravo.

Is that interesting, relevant, entertaining… is it something?  Is there something I’m not seeing?  Do the people on the shows think themselves just colorfully dynamic and complex and needing to be studied?  ‘Cause I feel sick.  And like punching my own ears for hearing any of it.

(I’m at my desk and can hear the show wife’s watching in the other room, ‘case you were wondering, and you probably weren’t… either way, I need a drink.)

Do my students think I’m ACTUALLY teaching them something?  Well if that’s so then they need a lesson in lessoning.  Not sure what made me think of this, but, yeah… Hangry, as Jack said I was.  And I am.  When the fuck is dinner getting here?  Wife person ordered a Valentine dinner from her friend that can cook a little and started her own catering business.  We’ve had her food before, several times, no one’s died yet.  Some meals are good I guess, others are just food, and some I wonder what she thought when she packaged it.  I imagine saying to herself, “I’m such a CHEF!” Or, I’m an ARTIST!” Either way, like many human right now, she’s annoying, and should probably get tutoring.  Do chefs have tutoring resources?  Wait, she’s not a chef but a person with a kitchen and some tools for cooking shit and maybe some recipes.  Okay, well, then I’m a “chef” too.

I am “hangry”.  And I hate that word.  This never used to happen to me.  Of course Mom will disagree with that, saying “No… when you wouldn’t eat as a kid you were NASTY…” She actually said that once, me being nasty with no sustenance.  Well then, when is the this pan and oven user getting here?