Exceptionally quiet start to the new year, in the AE world.  Not letting it bother me, not letting stress settle like some hive of stinger-slinging insects.  It will pick up, I tell myself.  And remember that pandemic thing that’s happening.

Had coffee and breakfast with Emma this morning.  She sipping her hot chocolate and eating her breakfast sandwich and telling me about how her day is going to develop.  All her appointments, the sequence of things, why things happen as they do.  No stress, no angst, no questions, just her 5 year-old certainty.  I smiled at her and studied her ways, now trying to emulate here at desk.

Doing as much differently today as I can.  Making more calls than I usually do, writing more in ’48 journal, and moving slower.  More deliberation.  Concise, directed…

Will send letter to new students after this post.

Check email, and found that one of my sections was cancelled due to low enrollment.  Goddamn this pandemic shit, all of it.  This could be an opportunity, though, I tell myself.  More time to write, more time for wine and wine business.  Yes, only opportunity, and invitation with the right sight.

Kids upstairs playing, no such stresses.  Follow that, profess that to self, more and more in all hours and in every sitting and turn.