Music. LoFi beats, my better headphones on.

Not hearing as much of the kids’ noise. Thinking different music though.  Some ambient or trip-hop, whatever will push me further into these visions of the book being done, and our next home….  One I’m looking at now with a lot of finished wood, those bricks that are light and look somewhat like river stones.  House reminds me of a snow cabin or lodge.  Not sure that’s the look or feel I’m looking for, but the structure is beautiful.  Kitchen looks somewhat like that bistro feel I imagine in a kitchen.

Looking at this house confirms we need more space.  How do I, we, get there… by writing.  Write your way there, Mike.

Espresso… that first shot woke me, and with a growl.  Not sure I need another shot, but I’m going to have one.  I’m a writer, I need one.  SHIT… that reminds me, student papers are due by 11:59 tonight.  Tried checking email to see who’s submitted what, but there’s a problem.  Thankfully .. don’t want to see all those submissions.  Will only stress me.

Espresso.  Where are you?  Wait, do I need it?  Just keep writing, keep studying the kids.