Wrote a poem, and two letters.

This new year,  I will write us into the new house, and myself to the beach cottage where I write a book in a week, or some other project.

Want some espresso, in one of those new little espresso cups Melissa gifted me.

Thinking about my letters to Cabernet idea… completely anti-“descriptor”-based.  Real love, language, letters to my love.  Cabernet Sauvignon.  Lancaster tonight…. Or should I do something else?  No.. use the wine here.  Order some from the Wallstreet Journal page.

Searching Cabernet, imports, white wines ‘cause like my sister just said on the zoom call, or FaceTime, I never have white wine.

Jack plays his Nintendo Switch behind me.  I think of wine, what wines I want to order.  Nothing right now, holding off for a bit.  Had an idea about 100-word notes to business prospects, playing with wording prospect to prospect in the same tempo and type as Jack does on his game.  Approach the letters like poems, songs.  Still professional, yes, I know, but more human, engaging.

Giving self more freedom in my writing.  My gift to self, repeated and re-written in each turn and scene.