Friend at work asking me for some wine advice, or guidance, or thoughts.  Not sure it was really advice, but even still coming to me for something wine related.  What do I do next with wine, in my story.  Why am I even asking that.  Wine IS the story, much of it.  Even when selling these Enterprise solutions to businesses.  Feel like I’ve said that before, but don’t want to delete it.

Kids back, and even from outside I hear the discord, the scuffles.  One more dose of caffeine then I swear to switch to sparkling water. Running later and don’t want the scratches of an elevated chest beat.

Last night, dream of me owning a wine shop, not being able to be there till late and my friend Jesse behind the bar all to himself.  When I got there I felt horrible, glasses everywhere, no one to run the washer.  My friend was fighting for his life, but didn’t complain.  And it was his day off that he came in to help.  I remember telling him we should close for the day, take no more appointments then a group walks in.  Two or three actually, two small parties then one bigger.  So of course then I think about the wine shop, the blog, what kind of traffic do I want… how I qualify buyers and not have it feel like I’m qualifying them.  For them, nor me.

Jack complaining he’s bored, has nothing to do.  Everyone inside now.  Take me to the cottage, I write to myself.  Emmie down here working on some book my mother bought her.  Check my email, Teams messages….  Just one email, our scoreboard.  Yes, I did well this year, but the though of not doing as well already pats around in my head.  I stop it, remind myself that I’m not an AE but a writer and will write what I want real.