Woke this morning at 3-somehting, from a dream that I can’t

remember now but stay up for a bit thinking about work, building a business… my office in Marin somewhere, or SF – more than likely Marin of course – and what I do from there.  Road more than destination.

Putting self on break now.  To do what.  Fighting the tempt to not-run.  Melissa told me I just need to get out there and do it.  Yes… run, the same way you write.  I’m thinking about it too much, obviously.

Then I start thinking shit like, “Okay, so if I don’t run today then I can go tomorrow, early, right?” We all know that won’t happen.  This becomes a struggle of struggles, getting myself out there.  Then I think, “Oh, I still have a little scratchiness in my throat, I should sit it out today…” Why has running become so hard for me?  I used to go whenever and at lunch as I’ve written before, do 8 miles then get right back to work.  What happened to me?  Why am I getting lazy at my old-ass age?