Midday Chardonnay.

Last bottle from VC chap.  My shop and way it’s designed, where bottles would be… placing self there now, very similar to Back Room Wines on 1st & Main in Napa.  I get there early, and settle in.  Don’t do any paperwork or spreadsheet-anything, just settle in.  Drink my coffee, and walk around.  While walking I put down my late periodically to scribble thoughts, on everything from wine to events, to emails I need to write to bigger buyers, thoughts about the next vintage I bottle of my own Cabernet and Cab blend, maybe as well an SB…

Mind going in so many directions this Sunday I can barely focus or calm down.  Jack behind me on the couch, some learning program and little Emma battling her fever and cold or whatever she has playing some learning game too.  I’m writing myself to my office, to the beach house, the wine shop, and whatever else I want.  

“Would you have this Chardonnay in your shop?” Not sure I could get in in there, to be honest.  This is very small production, in fact it may even be a list/invite-only winery.  

Just sip and note more.