How do I get back to the lunch hours where I’d log 8-something miles in just over an hour.  New training.  Log everything.  And I don’t want this to be one of my many posts where I’m in the ‘I’m gunna’ mode.  So, log everything that you have done, not will do.

Coffee, first cup.  More movement upstairs.  This time from master bedroom.  Started fast timer last night before bed, not sure where I am time-wise.  Guessing 8 hours, maybe.  A bit more. 

Added a small workout mat to Amazon checkout.  Or, the cart I mean.  Not even going to say I WILL checkout.  That noted after it happens.

Another sip of the coffee I just made.  Cold in house even with heater, and the coffee begins to reflect the air temp.  Someone’s awake up there.  Whom.  No matter.  I need to type, I need this, my morning writing, answering the first impulse, want, NEED, thought every morning.   Noticing the days are starting to mirror each other in a way they hadn’t in these pandemic days even when most people would make remarks like “Aw man I don’t even know what day it is…” How do I stop …