Finished everything I needed to.

New contract for this idiot law firm in Novato (not really a contract, more of an addendum really), sent contracts to that one prospect in Brentwood… what else… oh, wrote ICB team concerning rates for potential client and already heard back and I’m already bored writing this.

Wine… stay focused in the produced juice.  Going to write students in a bit and tell them class is being called for the night.  The election, right.  That’s a fine excuse.  Going to need some wine no matter who wins.  The stress is real and it’s in my head no matter how much I try to concentrate on sales and making quota, and all that shit.  Just read a post from a friend of mine, where he said it’s okay to take time to yourself.. it’s okay to not make quote, it’s okay to be dialing….  Somewhat cheesy and causing of an eye-roll, but he’s right.  Only time I’ve taken for self, really, since starting at Sonic was the time I just took off for Henry, my paternity leave.  So… right now… I’m going to turn on the TV, CNN, and see what’s what.  I know, I watch CNN, so someone watching another network is going to label me.  Not sure why.  You watch what you do and don’t get sick, and I watch what I do and only get sick when your candidate is covered.  Sorry… I never let out sentences like that.  Either way, I’m working.  Whomever wins wins, it will NOT influence how much I love my family, how much I write, or even what I write.  Wait… how did I get from wine to this.  Now I DO need some wine.  Maybe some of Chris’ Chardonnay… oh, on that note, I don’t know how but that wine shows more prophetic steps and musical clefs every time I sip it.  See?  This is much more enjoyable to talk about, read.

I keep avoiding the singular topic.  You know, the answer to the question “So, uhm, like, what do you write about?” Wine… wine….  WINE GODDAMNIT.  Settling here, and never moving Day 85 of 365, and vowing to only write wine, or at the very least connect everything to her.  This election, I’ll need wine.  After the results, I don’t care who wins, you can bet the writer will be with a glass, pen, journal.

Should be prospecting right now, but I need this break, and soon a break from the break.  Thought about taking a nap after brunch from up the street, but I want to switch the habit’s usual skip.  Chair pages coffee notes the election…..  I’m my own candidate today.  This is the Mike Madigan I want in office.  A lifelong appointment.  There’ll more freeness in writing, more journal usage, a partial dismissal of orthodox essay composition and practice, form re-defined and then defined and re-defined again.

Not sure I’m liking this political feather of my wined entry.  So, wine only, reaction to that Chardonnay, the blend, and…..  Break.  See what numbers are coming in, if any.  Polls don’t close for a while, so….