Promising self a night of creative and production,

of words and LIFE.  Wine in that life.  One of the six bottles I bought at BB will be opened, I’m thinking the Merlot.  Wait, did I get a Merlot.  Yes of course I did, that’s the whole nucleus of my winery.  Merlot… the character and cast member that has seen so much ire and dismissal over the past 10+ years.  When was that movie…?  Anyway, Chardonnay from Arista and the Merlot from wherever.

Budget done, EOD written as you know, and I think I’m in the mood for another of those Imperial IPAs.  Had one a couple hours ago, before and during Quarterly meeting, sipping slow.  This corner that I have resented and spoken against, that I have cursed and blasted for months now,  I see as the business’ most specific of bones.  Following my timeline, more or less, today.  Hoping to stay up late, and work at the kitchen island counter.  No targets or specific aims yet, but I’ll jot some in the 1948 in a bit.

Day 75 of the 365 project.  I think just today I’m seeing what I want, for me and family.  Interesting.  Is it? Or is it just a consequence of being a character in a story.