Latte done, and no more coffee in the house.  Think there’s a little from the cup I this morning made.  Shouldn’t have any more caffeine though, cut back my plan.  Plan dead.  Not sticking to, like other things and aims, sights and desires.

Running through “my vineyard” as I call it on run.. doing the route I was bored with, north on Coffey, looping at end then cutting left into Chardonnay blocks.  Running, what does it do, why don’t I do it more…?  Me.  I’m the obstruction, I see.  So.. today, 4-5 miles.  Would love to hit 5, or even run solid for an hour, hit 10k+.  Not setting any goals or markers.  That gets me into trouble and kills the goal, cuts wings before any flight attempt.  But I can’t help thinking what will I do, how far will I go….  Write an adventure for myself, HL’s shirt orders of me.

Only a high of 84 today, but what does that matter?  Why am I looking at temp, and not just getting out there.  There should be no permission ask or qualifying, or expected conditions, for running or writing.