from some wine something I wrote

…realize I need be more fearless writing.  So I do, am, now, finally.

So many commas.  Always hated commas.  And semi-colons.  Colons, question marks, exclamation points.  Think the period will be the only one I ever endorse.  Just so you know.  If you ever take a class with me.  The period is an affirmer, a declarer, a realizer.  That’s. How I see it… should send that out to students.  Speaking of, should check my email, see if my students need me.  Or not.  Not in the mood to be “teacher” today, but am I ever.  See, didn’t use a question mark there and I should have, I guess.

Back to my covid thoughts.  Know it’s real.  I know.  People have died from it.  I’m just done with the fear.  I feel like I’d rather just catch it, move on or whatever.  The guy down the street caught it at his work, the guy throwing a party with his wife for his son.  Still though, I mean wear a mask and keep your distance.  Right?  Is that what you’re supposed to do?  See what covid’s done, make me use question marks.

First couple sips of the Denogginizer ha me a little more relaxed.  No lunch today, first aim appeased.  Second, come to desk tonight.  No shows.  No fucking Netflix.  Chain self to chair.  Drink the stinky Mourvedre you opened last night, the Rosé you just put in the fridge both from Westwood… write everything.  Make fun of people in the wine industry, including yourself.  Like, why did I ever think that a career in wine would happen.  I know, it works for some, I guess, with a very known income ceiling no matter how much they try to convince you sky’s the limit, as one owner actually had the gumption to tell us.  They get complacent…