7:19am.  Been in chair since well before 7.  Coffee at right.  Sent reports to director and submitted times.  Already sent first follow-up email to an Engineering prospect in SF.  Have plenty of calls to make on existing prospects.  Emma and Jack already up.  Need to stay loose today, not get stressed about anything, nor get too far into any one project or task.  That is, don’t get consumed.  Keep moving forward through items and numbers, communications and conversations.

Going to be more direct in calling and prospecting today.  Not coming off sales-y or anything like that, just more immediate, more candid and frankly truthful.

Sent several emails already.  8:33am.  Going to get a coffee, then come back and start calling, emailing.  The aim today is conversations and letting people know I’m here.

Watching the kids on their zoom meetings, school through a screen, and feel awful for them.  The covid reality is hitting me today in a way it hasn’t before.  I can’t go out and prospect as I like, walking streets and dropping in on businesses even if to just say hello.  Maddening…

Hearing my daughter’s voice upstairs talking to her teacher has me more than persistent this morning with getting some ink.  That I can right now think of, there are five potential contracts out there.  Getting them to the finish line is what affects my mood.  I know, it’s sales and we’re in a pandemic….  But I don’t care.  I’m not worried about getting fired or disappointing anyone.  I want all this for ME.  For my family.  For the little human who arrived just over three weeks ago.  I can’t get out an prospect and walk around as I’d like.

More than maddening, honestly.  I’m not looking for sales anymore.  Looking for people. Not just selling  me, but showing me.. the words and love of community, positivity.

Attitude… what has blocked and hindered me most in the past now made a project, and a ladder, door opener.