Want to get tools. Start building.

Something.  I don’t know.  Well, I do.  Start with something small.  Like a bar.  For wine.  Put on wheels.  Will have to research, which I’m fine with, in fact I love…. Working as an AE at Sonic, and my vertical being pretty much all Architects and Engineers, anything construction or structural has me wanting to be a different character.  Completely different that the Mike Madigan I’ve been since 5/29/79.

When at Oliver’s, walking the wine sections and seeing all the bottles I’ve never seen before, wondering what their stories are, the in’s and out’s… the tasting rooms and where they are, who build them.  Everything….

Looking at Crocker & Starr’s site now. I remember going o an event there with the GM/VP, then, of Chatterbox Wine Marketing, when I worked there.  Tasting  two exhausting verticals of Cab and Cab Franc.  Wish I still had those notes.  There was also a Malbec and Syrah.  Pam was there as well, Pam Starr, and she was so inviting and connective, present and kind.  Then too I can still hear that Mike Madigan say to himself, and the Mike Madigan now that writes this…. “Start your wine frame, business… YOUR wines.  Get Katie into it.” Again, I don’t if she can do that with her contract conditions, but I want it noted here and everywhere that I always think of making wine with Katie again.