8:59, upstairs with kids playing with legos.  Unusually calm, quiet.  Jackie keeps looking back to see if I’m taking pictures of him, his little sis.

Ask kids if they want music, Jack says that would be great.

Their mother wakes, joins us.  Dynamic changes, not in extremity one way or the other.

A name. Nothing then everything 

Forever decision placed on being

In an envelope

Driving to get breakfast again.  Just sounds good.  Light though, just eggs..

Waiting for order.  Was told it’d only

Be like ten minutes.  80-something outside already.  The whole drive up here thinking about wine and business, writing and blogging, my visit to Glenn’s home tasting room the other day to pickup my six bottles…  has to be wine.  I’ve realized and said this before but today and with only 9 days till M3 is here I’m locked, locking self in a wine story, book…. using all wine and hospitality principles but even more magnified for my AE story.  I’m not forgetting about that, or dismissing it… rather doing what the CEO suggested.  Use it as a training ground and drawing board.  Actually he said “platform”, I just don’t use or like that intone.

Plenty of wines to write and study.  May place an order through either K&L or…..  K&L.  Find resounding characters at human price points.  My shop won’t be like the best for who always posts bottles of Realm, or Scarecrow, Matriarch or whatever…. wines for WE.  The human… you, me.

Thinking about my Road in wine.  The first time wine spoke to me with thesis and thorough intent…

1058, done with breakfast… what now.  Coffee.  Compose.