13 days till he gets here.  Have to stay on top of everything.  Simplify, cut thing outs meaning certain ideas and projects, distractions, anything that causes unneeded compilation.

Students were a little quieter than usual last night.  Need to have every class different, also for sakes of keeping me amused and connected, entertained or whatever.

Made coffee, sipping slow at 7:06am.  6 miles scheduled for today.  Have to hit that hundred mark before 9/30.  This is not one of the projects I plan to abandon.  Make running like brushing teeth or showering, eating, breathing…. I have to do it for life.  I don’t run, I’m dead.

Hear babies waking.  Emma lets out her classic extended yawn.  Jack brushing teeth.  Here I go, this writer, this new writer, into the day…. Closer to a dad with THREE.

7:19 made Jackie a bagel with cream cheese, paired with some of the orange juice I bought the other day.  Two inquiries of his…. “Is slime a liquid?”, and “Do ants have noses?”

“Ants can hold stuff twice their size.” He adds after a couple more bites and I come back to my corner table, keys.  I ask him if he’s learning about ants in school right now and he says now.  He’s read about them, he discloses.