Onto the MacMurray Pinot.

The exhaustion from day earlier is now starting to grip and navigate, occupy certain provinces of my sense and navigating property.  But I try to move forward with everything in celebration of this Pinot that has much more conviction and composition and general setting than the Imagery from the other night.  Not that the latter was faulty or weak, just nothing of a memorable cross.

About to close day, take this glass to the floor and watch some show.  Will have phone on my for posts and in-the moment sitting ideas…. See this bottle in my shop as well.  Not trying to like some I can think of in Napa, and a bit Sonoma, who only want to vend those bottles of a. Certain price latitude, and altitude.  I’m focusing on lower pricepoint and haunting message.

House quiet, ready for tomorrow’s prospecting, and calls.  This week will be about blending everything… teaching, telecom, wine, writing.  Already see 365, can feel that ocean, fee the notebook I’ll be holding on the deck… the office.  Everything.  Filling my wine room, having Mom, Dad, and Katie over for a flight tasting.  The other night Mom and Dad and I talked about doing a Pinot tasting for Dad’s birthday this year.  Each of us bringing two bottles, one impressive and the other a bit lackluster.  Put in bags, hand to someone to number, we taste and note and talk, in the end reveal then talk and taste further.

8:55pm Surprised actually with how awake I am.  At the counter, typing.  Glass empty.  Somewhat in the mood for a glass of the Simi SB.  Cool off with something cool.  Need music, more than a movie…. Should I?  Just keep sipping and typing?  No… follow plan.  Thinking about writing, especially about wine, is what will make you anything but punctuated or venerated.