10:10 – Saw picture somewhere of the girls at Lancaster.  Miss my Sundays there.  

The tastings, the conversations and walks through the cave, around the vineyard, up to the L-2 block where I’d stop for a bit and get to know the visitors a bit better.  No there, and covid is entirely the force that cemented that reality.  Rising above it, yes, but more so seeing new opportunity in what I am now at this corner desk.  Chris and I talked yesterday about how this all has forced us to get creative, which I’ve written dozens if not hundreds of times in the past 5 or so months, but yesterday’s talk with him and the mention of the thought again rattled new scope and force about Mike Madigan.

Kids playing still.  No TV.  About to go for a bike ride in Bennett Valley.  Possibly breakfast or brunch after.  Might start composing quote for the dental office in Fountaingrove later today.  In fact I will.  And, follow up on a couple other leads.  Draft the emails, then send.  Form new letters for vendors.  Put self everywhere.  Read and send notes, everywhere.  Incorporate everything, as this IS…. About. EVERYTHING.

Laundry later.  Symbolism encircling me…. Wash away past while incorporating into the Now.  Re-thinking everything.  Now.  In this chair and at this corner desk-table with which I have an uneasy civility.

5:35pm, idea for a project.  But one over a year’s time.  Handwriting first.

Emma playing with this new batch of little cars I bought her, and she just talks and make them talk to each other, full dialogue and discussions, challenges, races, everything.  Funny, but more seriously a kind and rich love of instruction in her words.  She did the same upstairs a few hours ago, having her stuffed animals talk to us, and pretending I’m her son, calling me “Big Son”.  Melissa and I laughed, just from the sound of it.  Both kids teaching me today, to just relax, and I’ve written this before, but today only hours before a new AE week I’m hearing all words and seeing all movement differently.

Sipping a new beer I’ve never heard of.  Looking at music programs.  1948 journal… writing a note. Kids skirmishing.  All for the AE sea….  Will write flight plan tonight.  This next week.

Westwood Drew coming over, at some point. He requested I get a Leo Steen Chenin Blanc yesterday, since I thought he was visiting last night but got delayed and the bottle wasn’t opened.  Will write about the wine, decide if it gets to the shop.  More attention to the vinovinevin shop.  DTC strategy, hospitality, customer service and communication, everything tonight at the counter.  Or, on the couch.

Quote for month, from my independent production, 3k and I’m not sure what to do to get there.  Just this, writing, blogging.  I’m overthinking. What have the kids been teaching you day after day and especially today while walking with the kids on Yulupa up the street from our old “condo home” as the kids call it.  Jack looking for sticks to pull closer golf balls just on the other side of the fence, from he driving range.  Made me think of Sunriver again, a house somewhere to write, to take the family… to create.  Not just “content’ as people say… hate that fucking word.  STORY.  LIFE.  ATMOSPHERE and LANGUAGE.