Rise above it, my Sales Engineer who I just call Ditter, recommended lately listening to me complain about covid and the effects on canvassing and quota appeasing.  I was also leant the same counsel when Len urged I “Just rise above it Mikey, that’s all you gotta do…” after a day when the manager whose name coincidentally was DICK kept harassing me and complaining and micromanaging about this and that and then thinking of something and someone else to throw under his fang-gone microscope.

This morning, I’m fearless.  Encouraged.  Eager for the week that starts tomorrow but I it initiate today.  Just started list.  Committing self for 3000 words.  All for the AE story.  And if the week starts slow with little leads and few conversations found, I rise above it.  Collect, take notes.

Jack in the office with me and at his desk, just playing.  Pretending to do business insisting he needs to work on and fix his business files.  That’s the mentality and AE needs to practice and promote, promulgate…. PLAY.  Enjoy the day, rise above any voices that try to lower you, even if that voice is from your own character core.

No music playing but I ask Jack if he’d like some.  He says and offers to put on some tracks he likes but I insist on something chilled, relaxed.  Tycho of course.

Emma and Jack now sending me messages over LinkedIn.  Which reminds me of my conversation efforts over the platform.  Added to list.  Putting self out there in the form of notes and little essays…. Shorter works.

Slept in today a bit, and no problem that I did.  No frustration or cantankerous contour to my voice or sight.  Jack comes over before I look up a synonym or word of day, and asks where an app is to take pictures, one we’ve used before.  I tell him there is no app just the camera on that laptop.  OH YEAH, he says. Tells Emma and I to lean in for a family photo.  We do, he presses click on mouse and there’s job, there’s fruition.  A conversion, done, so simple to him.  The eased mentality and movement, the place approach to everything obviously not easy but able to be executed.  He taught me that, not reminded me as I often say not wanting to admit someone instructed me, but TAUGHT me.

Music playing…. Higher BPM on this track.  Is this Tycho?  Yes, a remix of Montana, with Few Nolder, an artist I’ve never heard of.  Like this track, the echoing chimes and gritty metallic saw sense of the bass.  Perfect for my office, for this morning where I’m not in an knots, no veritable self-crippling ire.  After driving out to Sonoma yesterday seeing Chris at Caddis, tasting some Chardonnay then visiting my Westwood Wines ami Drew, I thought of wine… and its meaning, what I’m to do with it on this blog or one of the others.  How long I’ve been with wine’s industry, into wine, writing about wine… putting together the book finally.  What I sipped last night, the Pinot I’d never had nor heard of before.

Sunday Funday.  Sunday Get-It-Done-Day.  Everything I need for the startup here….  Looking over should and listening toothier conversation, all play, all exploration, all trial with no knowledge of error.

Promising more propinquity for my words and self.