Want to do something for self today, but what.  What do I do to shake this mood, get away from this anxiety, and the people that cause it. Had issue with timecard online earlier, but resolved it.  Didn’t add to angst or any nerves, just made think “What the fuck.  Really?” At desk.  Seat not hurting my back as it usually does.  Locked in house… nowhere to go.  Thinking about going for a tasting somewhere, but I don’t know where.  Balletto, Dutcher Crossing…. Sbragia…?  Or just stay here in this office, this corner table…. Write about the madness, about the wishing it were different.  Use this as others at Sonic have, for new projects, for Newness…. 

My wine book…..  What about it.  The wines I had last night were mediocre at best.  And that Cab from Educated Guess, North Coast, jesus.  Was that a result of a bunch of educated guesses during fermentation?  Hey maybe this’ll work… Anyone got a barrel around here?

Some people… some people… I swear they get high from misery, from making others lowered somehow.  Not fracturing my day’s mold musical edifice, even minutely.

Again refusing intrusion.