Quiet.  What I’ve wanted all day.

On second beer, not in the mood for dinner, just wine and writing and jazz.

Cantankerous… that book idea, still in my head and especially now at this scene in the day’s play.  Hot in the house, even with the AC going, which is odd it’s not that hot out.  Maybe I’m having some flash.. hot flash.  For a guy, a dude, a bro… don’t think I’m supposed to have these.

Expecting more sales before moth’s end.  Not sure why I’m writing in those terms, it’s only the fucking 6th.

Taking notes for the Fall semester.  I know I have to teach them or pretend to teach them to write properly, but I don’t know I know how to myself.  And,  I dispute the term “proper”, or PROPERLY.  Why.  Not to be an asshole or anything, but to be a challenger to convention, on logical and inviting more freedom to writing.  Okay okay OKAY… I’ll teach them to write properly, but do so as I’ve done over the past few semesters.  Which is… this is what they want you to do, but….  That kind of thing.

No disrespect to the department or SRJC, or any institution of academic act.  Just want students to know… there is no ONE WAY to write.

Writing should be free, it should be looked forward to. Your own words and writing them should be like a drug, with the most enveloping and enormous high associated.