Dog barking next door.  Blocking it out best I can.

Iced coffee.  Calls to begin in a bit.  Not looking forward to them at all.  Not in the mood to call people pretending not to be on a sales call but entirely am.

Took Jackie to school, listened to music, Jack asking me if the drums were real.  I told him that they were more than likely sampled.  “They might be on an electric piano…” he said.  I laughed that he thought of the logic of their source, the music more than it was.  Then I thought of music and my need for it, my relationship with music.  My life, where it is, where it could be going.  Going to more emphasize music’s presence I thought and then thought how I’d do that.  First, try to make the Garage Band app work on this laptop.  Try…. doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  Then, write verses, obviously me being a writer.  Then, look into equipment.  Don’t buy, just browse.

Listened to several tracks and beats by Timbaland on the way back to the house.

10:09 Done with calls, taking quick break before doing… I know not what.

Looking forward to run.  Going to change route.  Run slow.  Not aiming for pace, or even range…. Not sure what.  Just do more than I did earlier in the week.  Can’t even bring myself to write the distance, it was so awful, minimal.

Wrote some verse a bit ago, to these chilled beats I have playing.  Haven’t looked at equipment yet… just enjoying the music I’m hearing now, in this incubation corner.

Zen… meditation… the book taking shape, not about any one thing.  I used to speak and laud singularity now I oppose it. Not all the way, or entirely, but partially.  Start somewhere, and go in a million directions with it but always come back to that point… that idea, that speak, that article, that BEAT.

The beat I’m listening to now, has me in a curious disposition, mood… feeling alive and eager, hungry and wanting everything.  Coming back to music… what it does for me.  This.  In college, performing my songs for roommates and at parties.  Thinking of what I’d listen to in my first car, cassettes… those Makaveli mixtapes.

These beats, the tracks I heard this morning from Timbaland and other artists, making life understandable.  10:18, thinking about the run again, the type of beat I want.  Slower, enjoyable.  Nothing rushed.  No looking at Garmin.

Iced coffee, still nursed.  Surprised I haven’t chugged it as I often do.   Not in that mood.  Changed music to Mr. Coltrane after checking emails.  Nothing new.  Quiet start to day.  Not sure any sales will materialize today.  And not concerning self much with it.  Just enjoy the day, the music… the frantic and moving and fiery movement of C’s sax.

Keep the music in rotation, changing.  But I always lean on a track or set artists.

Used the last of the hand sanitizer Mom gave me.  Not sure why that detail needed be place in this meta-paragraph, but…..  Urged a friend she start writing to deal with certain specifics in her Now.  Told me she wants to, and that she remembered the prompt I gave her a while back, I think it was 250 words on whatever, something like that.