2:39.  Day coming to a slow of slows.

Hot outside got lunch for self but strangely or maybe not so strangely I don’t feel like eating when I get home.

Closing in on 3pm.  What do I do but look for more conversations.  Then, I don’t know.

Workout was just a bit over 30 minutes.  The heat stopping me and me not much in the mood for more cycling or weights, or anything.

Friday…. ugh.  Slow and lazy.  No one calling, me not wanting to make calls.  Not even really wanting to write, tell you the truth.

So what do I want to do….. travel.  Get away.  Anymore, I don’t care about covid.  I’m not afraid of it.  I’m annoyed by it, and if I catch it then I catch it.  My circulation and everything fights it off or doesn’t.  

Frankly, I’m sick of this sheltering.  I’m sick of the caution.

I need a drive.  Just scrolling through feeds, checking CNN and other news story cascades… no fruition.

2:50, still not hungry for the burrito I just bought.  Just want a drive.

Then go for a fucking drive and stop complaining.  A voice says.

Keys, wallet… door.