Older, getting older, and I think about happiness.  What makes me or anyone happy.  I always come back to action, movement, doing something and creating something you love or that gives you a frame of accomplishment and self-approval… some elevated interest and feeling, and that being arranged in consistency.  I study my own happiness, and then when I’m the opposite of.

Writing a thousand words this morning, infused a spike and buzz of joy.  So I stay in the chair and write more, to this music, this chilled and eased rhythm echoing in electronic architecture.  What in the day’s ensuing hours will uphold happiness.

Happiness is freedom. And I don’t want to keep writing the words, but you feel that liberations compositor and complexion of being, you are living.  You feel more alive than if you’re the antithesis.

Driving the other day, or maybe on my run on Tuesday I thought of me versus ME…. Mike Madigan against MIKE MADIGAN, the latter being one confirmed and trenchant in beliefs, at peace with self… no identity questions or aim worry.  hE knows what he wants, and there is no question f acquisition.

Going into this new week, this new month, I’m going to market positivity, happiness, anything that raises and happily riles.