Back from brunch with Emma and Melissa.  At desk.  Got frustrated again with its puny area so I left and came here to couch.

Little sleepy, post-omelet but still rife with ambition and visions of my office, travel, finishing a goddamn book.  The journals going into Fall term.  

Have some coffee, I tell myself.  Better, use some of that lose change in the Prius to get one, an iced coffee, that large size.  That could disrupt the run.

Want to take rest of the day, to self. To write.. these pages.  Airplane dying overhead, I think of Dad, all his travels.  SHIT, have to head up to their house, bring in mail, replenish beer and leave them some vino.

Will head up there at 3.  Gives me two hours here.  

No run today…. Go tomorrow morning.  And really do it.  Have that be a book, “Run@5”.  Working title, or idea, idea with life, something I can feel and see and taste.. that air in the morning on Coffey Lane and San Miguel.  Eat light, rest of day… go get that iced coffee.

1-2…. New conversations, community on LinkedIn and other.

2-3, Write.  The AE story and steps, music.  Write next Month, how you’ll hit 200%.  Heard from the Enterprise admin and she told me that all contracts considered I’m at 137% for July.  Much better, but still not what I want.  My quote is 200, and will remain so for Sonic unless I decided to heighten it.  And for self, from blogging or web design, contract writing or something else… 3k.  Wake early, bed early, everything earlier.  Get projects completed early, earlier.

Okay… time for an iced coffee.  A quick drive, some music.

After the longest line ever at the Hopper Starbucks, I’m back at the desk.  Sent an email, did a little prospecting, sipping this iced coffee hoping it wakes me.  Holy …. How did I finish it that fast.  Parched, or caffeine-hooked.  Hard to tell anymore.

Called an old friend a bit over an hour ago, asking for a favor with her winery if she can host a new IT partner.  She tells me her winery is closed down.  And I mean, closed-closed.  No outside tastings even with that big property and all those benches.  Haven’t talked to her in months, or maybe over a year.  Reminded me of time and how quick it insists to skip.

Don’t think the caffeine’s working.  What am I sipping it for then?  Maybe I should I have a beer.  No, no, of course no.  That would just slow me even more and there’s work for this writer to do.  Pages and manuscripts to finish.

According to the above schedule I should be writing next week, putting it all to page before it even thinks of occurring.  I just don’t have the interest.  I need … adventure.  I think of Emma, then.  Upstairs, playing and pretending and making worlds as she wants them.

Going up there to check on her as I arrived from the long line, from that goddamn car with no working AC, she told me to go back downstairs and do my “boring work” as she calls it.  Is that how she sees it, see me?  Or is that just Emma/kid-speak?