Last day of July.  Looked at above writing and thought, “That’s all I wrote?” 

Then remember, I wrote two short essays on the work laptop.  First time I’ve written on the computer in weeks.  What made me do that?  Think I was just lazy, or this laptop hadn’t been charged yet, something.

7:36, slept in a bit but not as badly as I thought.  When I first woke I looked at phone and still focusing only saw 7, that’s it.  Saw numbers next to, I think ’17’ and thoughts I saw ’55’, sill waking up.  No… settling down and into day I brushed teeth, got dressed, came to the laptop.

Didn’t experience this last month for sure, not selling a goddamn thing, but looking forward to our weekly report that gets published every Friday.  The Phoenix, it’s called, like a scoreboard for the Enterprise AE’s.  Think I’m somewhere in the neighborhood of 140%, may a slight shove higher.  Either way, better month than last.  Thankfully.

Jack comes downstairs, sniffling and moving things, packing his bag for the day, taking ice out of the freezer’s occasionally functioning icebox, making his breakfast.  Friday…   What do I want.  I’m not one of those TGIF fools or someone that sees this as an end of week or end of anything.  So then what is it….

Calls today, fasting, WRITING, picking up Alchemist and making serious progress in that journey.  Personal Legend, I keep reminding myself.  Pick books for Fall… something different.

Jack shaking his backpack in obvious frustration I ask if he needs help and he yells an elongated NOOOOOOOO.  So I say nothing further.  Come back to this.

This office, not an office anymore.  Ruin and a litter ground for the kids and whomever.  Behind me a huge box colored and drawn on, made a make-believe car by the babies.  And me, just in this corner.  Working on attitude, seeing everything as an opportunity.  Everything.  This corner, everything behind me, this coffee.  The paper towel used and molded into some figure to my left.  The phone.  Power block for phone cord.

The last piece I was working on yesterday, 375-word target and I usually don’t do that, about selling in this pandemic.  What can I say about it… most find it difficult and challenging, frustrating and honestly annoying, which I get but then don’t.  Why not see it as a chance to get creative, to be more in a maneuver practice.  What did I do this month?  I guess just stay on top of my leads, call, follow-up… I don’t know honestly.

Second cup.  Jackie eating breakfast and we’ll be leaving for his camp I’m guessing in about 20 or so minutes.  Train passes, telling me what.  Just drive steady, straight line, you’ll reach the station, and be re-stationed as a writer.  Huh.. why’ve I never seen that before, and that image present and provided.

Jack asks me what a farting mutt is.  “What?” I say.  “Where’d you hear that?”

“A movie.” He says.